Thursday, August 9, 2012

Praying for my rainbow

Well I'm pregnant again. We used Femerra to make me ovulate and I got pregnant the second month we tried. I am almost nine weeks now. We have already had one ultrasound and did get to see a wart beat. We have another ultrasound on Monday. I had a anxiety attack before the last one because I just kept remembering going into that office and not seeing a baby on that screen anymore. I think it will get easier after I pass my loss milestone, but this week is going to be scary I think. I have really been trying to be easy on myself and have probably been neglecting household stuff j should do but I'm just tired. I'm tired, nauseous and dizzy and add migraines where I can't see anyhog but fuzziness and you have one lazy pregnant woman. Oh well they say it gets better in second tri, hopefully we make it there.
In other news we sold out house. Our first home we bought together for our family is sold. It wa actually a really good thing. A lady came along and offered us cash for it and is letting us rent from her until out closing date, closing date of out new house that is! We are building a house and it should be done in about five weeks. I'm so excited! It's going to be a great start for our family and I'm so glad my husband and I got to pick everything in it. I'm trying to slowly pack everything and try to get everything done, but still not overdo it. It's a hard balance. We still have a month until we move but I just want to pack everything!

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