Thursday, August 9, 2012

Praying for my rainbow

Well I'm pregnant again. We used Femerra to make me ovulate and I got pregnant the second month we tried. I am almost nine weeks now. We have already had one ultrasound and did get to see a wart beat. We have another ultrasound on Monday. I had a anxiety attack before the last one because I just kept remembering going into that office and not seeing a baby on that screen anymore. I think it will get easier after I pass my loss milestone, but this week is going to be scary I think. I have really been trying to be easy on myself and have probably been neglecting household stuff j should do but I'm just tired. I'm tired, nauseous and dizzy and add migraines where I can't see anyhog but fuzziness and you have one lazy pregnant woman. Oh well they say it gets better in second tri, hopefully we make it there.
In other news we sold out house. Our first home we bought together for our family is sold. It wa actually a really good thing. A lady came along and offered us cash for it and is letting us rent from her until out closing date, closing date of out new house that is! We are building a house and it should be done in about five weeks. I'm so excited! It's going to be a great start for our family and I'm so glad my husband and I got to pick everything in it. I'm trying to slowly pack everything and try to get everything done, but still not overdo it. It's a hard balance. We still have a month until we move but I just want to pack everything!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Pregnancy loss

Well in staying true to writing about our journey I unfortunately need to write this post. I miss carried this week. One day after coming home from Disneyworld. This has been the hardest thing I have ever experienced in my life and hope its a one time thing. I'm heartbroken and am ready for this to be over. I was almost ten weeks, and there is no explanation as to why it happened. All I can say is it did and it sucks. I was in no way prepared for this and had no idea how hard it is emotionally and physically. Luckily I have a amazing husband that has been my rock thru this. I am so grateful that he is my partner in life. This is hard but we will get thru this. Even though this is a horrible event in my life I still can say that I love my life and my family. My daughters amazing and so is my husband. I didn't realize how much the name of my blog would have such a direct meaning of how we have to look at life until this week. We have decided to try to conceive again immediately so the journey continues and we are taking things one day at a time.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


New cravings I wanted to share. Wild west shrimp from longhorn steakhouse, steak, mashed potatoes and salad. Also really liking popcorn with butter and salt. Mmmm!
In other news our first sonogram for baby #2 is on Monday.we will get a due date and get to see the heartbeat.

Also we have told Lillian about mommy having another baby and that it's in my tummy. She lifts my shirt says "baby" and giggles then says "Waa Waa Waa" while rubbing her eyes which is what she thinks babies say. :)

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Melchor baby number two on the way!

We found out two weeks ago that we areexpecting. It was a bit of a shock because I didn't think I was going to be able t get pregnant with out fertility treatments to help me ovulate. I have not had a period since october but I went to the dr a month prior to finding out I'm pregnant and got a negative blood test. I much have conceived like the day after that because I believe I a about five weeks now. I have had one blood test to check the levels of hcg and progesterone. The hcg was doubling like is should, but my progesterone levels were at a 13. My dr says they should be at about 15 so I have been put on supplements that I take at night since they make me feel like I'm drunk! I go back to the dr on Monday to do some more bloodwork and hopefully after that I will get to have a sonogram appointment and and hear/see the heartbeat!

In other news baby girl is amazing she will be two in may and is just a joy to have in my life. I am so blessed to be a stay at home mom to her. I will treasure this time always. She is "talking" now. Not full sentences but she gets her point across. We have started the potty training process and I hope she takes to it soon because two in diapers (possibly both cloth) will be a pain!

On the home front, Shawn is loving his job, so I couldn't ask for more. I am having this battle of wanting to move though. I love our home for what it is. A small two story house,with small rooms and no backyard. Ok so that's the negative way to look at it but that's where I'm at today. I have fallen down these stairs four time since we moved in and I am very nervous being pregnant with our second child and having a almost two year old. Shawn thinks this house is just fine for our needs right now and really isn't up to moving. We will see what happens.
Ok off to make breakfast!

Thursday, April 7, 2011


I have been following the IHeartOrganizing blog for awhile now. I have been doing her monthly challenges and loving how organized the house is becoming. Her monthly challenge for this month is to purge. I am jumping on this one.
We tried to do this a few months ago and ended up with a ton of stuff for our "garage sale". It all got boxed up and moved to the upstairs guest bedroom so we could get it all organized for that garage sale we were planning. Ya, umm that garage sale never happened and now I have a room full of stuff I do not want anymore. So I am going way above the 30 things in 30 days challenge that Jenn proposed and getting rid of this stuff!
Then its on to starting the process of getting all my decorations and invitations done for Lillians first birthday party that is a month away! Ahh! I can not believe my itty bitty is going to be one!
Ok mission purge is on!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Describe a Favorite Vacation From Your Married Years..

I have decided to randomly find blog topics and share my thoughts on them. I am doing this in hopes that this will turn into something more then a journal. I do not know how it will work, but here goes nothing.
"Describe a favorite vacation from your married years.."
Surprisingly, even though Shawn and I have only married since 2008 we have been able to go on a few really neat trips. We went to padre for out honeymoon. We ended up staying leaving padre and went to sea world in San Antonio. We went on a cruise for out babymoon. I would have to say that I would like to do it again, only next time not pregnant. I would have liked to not have ended up in the ER in the Bahamas. We also went to Disneyworld, which I really want to visit again, not pregnant as well. Out of these there is still one trip that Shawn and I went on together that was better then all of these, our trip to Deleware.
In august 2010, Shawn and I loaded up our then 5 month old baby and started the long journey to Deleware ..... by car. Shawn didn't want to spend the extra money on a plane ticket ( go figure). We actually really enjoyed the road trip and we could not have asked for a better baby. We made it all the way to Kentucky in one day and got the opportunity to stay at my Grandmas house. It was really a treat because I had not been up there in a really long time... and she is a amazing cook.
The next day drove the rest of the way to Deleware. Our mutual best friend, is stationed up there and we wanted to take this opportunity to go see him. He has had alot change in his life and we kind of wanted to get a chance to catch up with him. Anyways, we got to Deleware and met his new (to us) girlfriend. We got in really late so we hit the hay,
The following day we just hung out, recouped and tried to stay away from the car.
Dover is about a hour away from philadelphia, so the next day we took a day trip over there. It wasnt what I expected but we did get some great pictures. We got to eat at both "geno's" and "pat's", two famous philly cheesesteak places. We liked pats. We also got to go see the liberty bell and where the declaration of independence was signed!
The following day we took the two hour drive to have a day in D.C. and can I just say that I love that city. It is so pretty. We got to see the Lincoln Memorial, the Washington monument, the white house (from afar) and the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. It was amazing. We did have a slight problem following "TOM TOM" and ended up walking about 10 blocks in the wrong direction at the end of a very long day, But Dc was my favorite of the trip.
The next day was spent hanging out with our friends and getting to chow down on some yummy food our friends made for us.
Then all of us took at trip to none other the New York City for the weekend! It was really neat... The only downfall of the whole trip..... MY CAMERA GOT LOST WITH ALL MY PICTURES FROM THE ENTIRE WEEK ON IT! Needless to say I was not a happy camper. But we did have a great time. I can now say that I have been there and seen things like times square which is unlike any place I have been in my life. I can say now that I have seen at least in part central park, and the statue of liberty (although we missed the tour to ellis island by 3 minutes) . We saw the empire state building and the famous Swartz toy store. We had a blast and really enjoyed our visit.

Our first family vacation I have to say is my favorite vacation that I have been on in my married years to date. I would like to go back to all of the above places again as most of my pictures should be reshoot (lol) and there is some stuff that I would still like to see. All in all though, it was a great trip filled with moments I will treasure and never forget about.

Monday, January 17, 2011

It has been to long

I need to get back into blogging. I have not been posting and that is just unacceptable. I like to use this as a way to see where I have been. Along time has gone by since my last post and my life is so different. I have a beautiful healthy baby girl and she is now 8 and 1/2 months old!
I am going to try and post a few pictures. Not as many as on facebook lol. But i want to share just a few favorties here.

The one above is a picture of her when she was just a week or so old. She was born on may 6 2010 and was 5 lbs 11 oz. A tiny little thing that had already given Shawn and I a run for our money before she was even born. I spent weeks on bed rest with this little one because of fear of early delivery. I had a few hospital stays, and one Emergency hospital stay while we were on our babymoon in the bahamas. We ended up needing to have her 2 weeks early and had to have a cesarian because of a thing called preclampsia that I was beginning to have. I was terrified, but happily everything worked out just perfectly and my recovery was actually pretty quick.
I will share more pictures in the upcoming posts I am sure as I love taking them!
There have been many changes in our life, and I believe that they are all for the better. Our life has been greatly blessed by the addition of Lillian to our family and I am excited to see what God has in store for us in the future. It will be a fun journey I can assure you as these last 8 months have been. I look forward to sharing about those as we as a family have been taking things... one day at a time.